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Tourism and Foreign Affairs Department of Almaty city

Tourist-information center


In accordance with Resolution of akimat of Almaty city was created the Municipal Government Agency «Tourist Information Center of Almaty city» (therefore -Center) №1/111 dated 13 February 2012.

The main objectives of the Center are to collect, generalize and distribute the information about touristic, cultural-historical, social-economic resources of Almaty city, also the information about best touristic suggestions of Kazakhstan.

The Center will cooperate with governmental and commerce organizations, professional associations, enterprises, publishing offices and media.

In the first stage will be open the informational stand in Almaty International Airport.

In the second phase is planned to open more information desk in the center of town, district-oriented clusters of tourists.

These info-bar will be provided free of charge information, printed materials, such as maps, guides tourist facilities, recreation in the city of Almaty and Almaty region, announcements of cultural events, exhibitions and festivals of Kazakhstan.

It will be assisted in round trip through the city and purchase history and local lore literature and souvenir products.

The center will work staff have received special training and possess the Kazakh, Russian and English, who can competently provide answers about tourism opportunities in Almaty.

The tourist information center at the airport will operate year-round and round the clock, serving all flights arriving at the airport, which will allow guests of Almaty to receive skilled care staff of the Centre at a convenient time for them.

Also, the Center will create a hotline for tourists, allowing them to receive all necessary information about the city and immediate assistance in case of emergency.

The whole complex of measures aimed at improving service quality and safety of tourists visiting the city.

Department of tourism and foreign
relations of the city of Almaty

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Str . Zheltoksan 83

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