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Tourism and Foreign Affairs Department of Almaty city



Dear visitors!

Welcome to the information portal Tourism and foreign affairs department of Almaty city.
The face of modern Almaty, the largest and one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan - sparkling snow-capped peaks of the Tyan-Shan mountains, green areas, parks and gardens, fountains and a rainbow sheen of glass for new buildings.
Almaty has attracted much attention for its strong political, financial, scientific, commercial, cultural, sporting and tourist life. The city is rich in its past - archaeological, historical and architectural monuments, antiques, collected in many museums. 
Visitors can find information about the tourist potential of our city.
I am pleased to welcome you to our official site.
I hope that this site is for you to become a reliable assistant and a source of information.

Kikimov Maksat
Head of Tourism and foreign affairs department of Almaty city

Department of tourism and foreign
relations of the city of Almaty

050001 , Almaty, Almaly District ,
Str . Zheltoksan 83

Tel/Fax +7 (727) 272-33-90

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