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Tourism and Foreign Affairs Department of Almaty city

About department

Position of the municipal government office "Tourism Department of Almaty city"

1. General Provisions 

1. The municipal government agency, "Department of Tourism in Almaty" (hereinafter - Office) is the executive body financed from the budget of the city of Almaty (state agency) authorized to perform the functions of state management and coordination in the field of tourism in the city of Almaty.

2. The Office carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the acts of the President, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other normative legal acts, the Almaty City Administration regulations, decisions and orders of the mayor of Almaty, other regulations and these Regulations.

3. The Office is a legal entity in legal organizational form of municipal government agencies, and has a seal bearing its name in the official language and standard forms to the state and Russian languages, as well as in accordance with the law, bank accounts.

The founder of the Office is Almaty.

Management has the right to act as a party in civil law relations on behalf of the State, unless it is authorized to do so in accordance with the law.

Financing activities of the Office is carried out only from the local budget.

4. Location of Office: 050001, Almaty, Bostandyk district, the area of the Republic, 4.

5. Full name of government agency:the official language, "Almaty қalasy Tourism baskarmasy" kommunaldykmemlekettikmekemesі;

in Russian: municipal government agency, "Department of Tourism in Almaty."

6. This Regulation is the founding document of the Office.

2. The object and purpose of the Office 

7. The main subject of the Office is to implement government policy and the coordination of tourism activities in the city of Almaty.

8. The main objectives and activities of the Office are:

1) Development of city programs and plans for tourism development in the strategy, government programs for the development of tourism and travel industry;

2) implementation of activities aimed at implementing the urban tourism development programs;

3) provide quarterly to the authorized body of information necessary for inclusion in:

State Register of persons engaged in tourism activity;

State Register of tourist routes and trails;

4) analysis of the market of tourist services and representation to the authorized body of the necessary information about the development of tourism in the city of Almaty;

5) develop and implement measures to protect the tourism resources of the city of Almaty;

6) To coordinate the planning and construction of the tourist industry in the city of Almaty;

7) To assist in the activities of children and youth camps, tourist associations and development of amateur tourism;

8) the provision of subjects of tourist activity and methodological advice on issues related to the organization of tourist activity;

9) Develop and support entrepreneurship in the field of tourism activities as a measure to increase employment;

10) to provide tourist information, including the tourism potential, tourism facilities and persons engaged in tourism activity;

11) Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Office;

12) implementation of internal controls in areas of public authority in order to improve quality and productivity of its work;

13) to function as a governing body for municipal state enterprises and municipal government agencies;

14) exercise on behalf of the rights of akimat state as a shareholder (partner) with respect to state-controlled joint stock companies (limited companies);

15) the appointment of a representative of the respective board of directors (supervisory council) of the joint-stock companies (limited companies), in which the sole shareholder (participant) is the state, and in other joint stock companies and limited partnerships with state submission for approval of the general meeting of shareholders or members of a limited liability nominee on the board or supervisory boards;

16) review, approval and approval of plans of public enterprises and public reports on their performance;

17) to monitor and analyze the performance of municipal development plans of state enterprises, joint stock companies and limited partnerships controlled by the state;

18) the reorganization and liquidation of public entities in agreement with the authorized body on state property;

19) the right of possession and use of municipal property (without instruction), which transferred him to the operational management;

20) the implementation of gender policy;

21) implementation of other objectives assigned to the Office of akim of Almaty, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

9. To carry out its object and purpose of the Office has the following rights:

1) in the prescribed manner to represent the interests of the city of Almaty in the national, interregional and other tourist activities;

2) negotiate and conclude agreements with international organizations and foreign entities on matters within the jurisdiction of the Office;

3) to participate in the drafting of decisions and orders of the mayor and regulations Almaty City Administration and the urban tourism development programs;

4) approve and coordinate the training, retraining and advanced training, methodological support their activities, organize workshops, conferences, seminars and other forms of learning and sharing experiences with experts in tourism;

5) to the city to participate in the national as well as to contribute to the international tourist activities;

6) to check the documents of applicants to meet the qualification requirements for a license to travel agent and tour operator activities, services, tourism instructor, except for activities in educational institutions.

3. Procedure for establishment of property 

10. Management has the right of operative management, separate property, which is formed at the expense of the property transferred by the state, and consists of fixed assets and other assets whose value is reflected on the balance of the Office.

 Property Management refers to the communal property.

11. Management has no right to alienate or otherwise dispose of the property assigned to it.

4. Powers of manager 

12. Office headed by a Chief appointed and dismissed by the akim of Almaty city.

Head of Department (hereinafter - the Head) has deputies appointed and dismissed from office in accordance with legislation.

13. Chief organizes and directs the work of the Office and shall be personally responsible for carrying out the tasks entrusted to the management and implementation of its functions.

14. To this end, Chief:

1) defines the duties and powers of their deputies and heads of departments of the Office;

2) take measures aimed at combating corruption offenses in the Office and is personally responsible for the adoption of these measures;

3) in accordance with the laws, appoint and dismiss employees of the Office;

4) in the manner prescribed by law, impose disciplinary sanctions on employees of the Office;

5) issue orders within its powers;

6) approve the structure and position of the Office of the departments of the Office;

7) represents management in government agencies and other organizations;

8) exercise other powers in accordance with the law.

5. Mode 

15. Mode of operation of the Office set the internal labor regulations and must not contradict the norms of labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6. Reorganization and liquidation of state agency 

16. Reorganization and Liquidation of the Office shall be in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

17. Reorganization of the Office may be made in the form of merger, accession, division, separation, transformation, and in other forms as provided by law.

18. Management is considered to be reorganized, except in cases of reorganization in the form of a merger, after the state registration of the newly formed organization.

19. Management may be liquidated voluntarily (by the decision of the owner of the property owner or authorized body, as well as the decision of the legal entity authorized by the constituent documents) and forced (by court) pursuant to and in the manner prescribed by the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislation.

20. The founder of the Office, which decided on the Elimination of Staff, shall immediately inform in writing the authority of justice, the registration of legal persons.

21. The founder of the Office, which decided on the Elimination of the Office shall appoint a liquidation commission and establishes, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan the order and timing of the elimination of the Office.

22. Since the appointment of the liquidation committee are transferred to it the authority to manage property and affairs of the Office. The liquidation committee on behalf of the liquidation of the Office of acts in court.

23. The elimination of the Office shall be completed and the Office terminated its existence, after making this record in the state register of legal entities.

Department of tourism and foreign
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