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Управление туризма и внешних связей города Алматы

Доклады спикеров

  1. Alyona Shtraus_Конференция Алматы 2016_10 minutes
  2. Andreas Fluck_New Silk Road
  3. Dmitriy Voyakin_Steps towards success
  4. Gai Jorayev_6 Benefit of the Silk Road World Heritage for tourism_presentation
  5. Gavin Bell_Bringing Adventure to the Table-linking food, adventure and experience
  6. K. Baipakov_Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan
  7. Kurt Grotch_8 Part 1 Potential of Chinese Tourism for Almaty Thursday
  8. Michael Turtle_How using bloggers in your marketing strategy can help reach the right travellers
  9. Roger Grand Great Southern Touring Route
  10. Zhang Chunming_Challenges and opportunity
  11. Dimitriy Tin_Technologically innovative solution of the lack of information and shortage of qualified guides
  12. Pavel Spitsyn_Booking technology opportunities of global distribution system for Silk Road countries
  13. T.Duisengaliev_Transnational project Almaty-Bishkek-Kashi
  14. Peter Wong_Silk Road Cultural Tourism Development
  15. B.Shapagatova_Caravanning on new Silk Road
  16. Chris Choi_ABCI Presentation_Sep 29
  17. Yaroslav Akulich_Almaty city guide
  18. Peresolova_5 AP Presentation ALMATY CONFERENCE
  19. Р.Шайкенова Вдоль Шелковго пути 2014
  20. R.Grant_Introductory Guide to Inbound Tourism Workshop-Kazakhstan