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The international forum on the development of mountain tourism discussed the possible cooperation between Almaty and Georgia to attract foreign tourists

The international forum on the development of mountain tourism discussed the possible cooperation between Almaty and Georgia to attract foreign tourists


On the international forum held today within the framework of the annual International Mountain Sports Festival international forum, Gudauri Development Director at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Alexandra Onoprishvili offered cooperation between Almaty and Georgia.

"Having seen the beauty of your mountains and the huge potential that Almaty has in the sphere of mountain tourism development, the idea of ​​cooperation in several directions came at once. For example, we want to sell tickets to our mountain resorts with the possibility of free visiting the resort of Shymbulak and vice versa, which will additionally attract tourists who came to our city of Almaty. Natural content, height and proximity of the mountains to the city. It will create wonderful resorts, which will bring the economy of the city to a new level and will greatly improve the standard of living, will give a new impetus to the development of business in this industry, "he said.

On the development of Almaty, as an economically sustainable city and the center of Asia in mountain tourism, Vice-President of Freestyle Federation of St. Petersburg Viktor Timakov also spoke.

"10% of the population - this is 200 thousand people five times a season will visit the resort, this is already a million! And this is only residents of the Almaty agglomeration, not counting the rest of Kazakhstan. That is, such initial conditions as you do not have anyone, in my opinion, even in the world. How much does the total area of ​​your mountains occupy? This is one millionth of a percent. I would ask for the right message to the residents about the need for tourism development, because this will increase the economy of the city and provide additional infusions of finance, job creation. Will Russian athletes come here? Definitely, yes. I myself with pleasure will come to you to ride. I have you for the first time, but I knew about Shymbulak, my friends were skating. Looking at your mountains, I just fell in love with them, "- said V.Timakov.

According to the general director of the ski resort of Warth and the tourist office of Warth Holding GmbH from Austria, Gunther Oberhauser, one of the factors of rapid development is that Almaty is a very large metropolis. He was supported by the General Manager of PGI Management Joan Viladoma, who noted that "Andorra is the smallest - 9 countries of the world, and Kazakhstan is the largest - 9 countries of the world". He also advised to focus on attracting tourists from India. "We noticed that there are many Hindus in Almaty, and even there they like skiing. They are 3.5 hours from Almaty, my advice is to focus on this! ".

In turn, the head of the Department of Tourism and External Relations of Almaty, Yerlan Zhailaubay noted that in Almaty they intend to develop mountain tourism taking into account all international standards, observing the requirements and preserving the ecology of the city, taking into account the international experience of the world's leading companies. At the initial stage, it is planned to develop and promote mountain sports among the townspeople, i.e. 80% of potential customers are still residents of Kazakhstan.

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