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16 01
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Amankeldy Sabina Bakytkalikyzy
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27 12
President Tokayev declares December 28 a national day…
19 12
Tax Free
December 18 this year in Almaty, in the luxury mall Esentai Mall, the Tax Free service…
21 08
We create a friendly atmosphere and create a positive…
The Tourism Authority of Almaty city has conducted and completed a series of facilitation…
21 08
Attention to guides, guides and tourism instructors…
Almaty Tourism Department announced a set for free training and raising the professional…
21 08
Competition "The best video review of Almaty"
Press release Competition "The best video review of Almaty" Almaty Tourism Department…
21 08
Alik Shpekbayev
Алик Шпекбаев.
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26 08 2019
ALMATY 22.10.2018

26 08 2019
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