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Anti - corruption

1. Information about annual income and property of Head of the Department for 2015

Duisengaliyev Timur Talashevich - Head of Tourism and foreign affairs Department of Almaty city

- Accrued income - 835 410 tenge

- Real estate - residential building in Almaty, Medeu district

2. Implementation of anti-corruption measures in the Office

Issuance of licenses, renewal, issuance of duplicate license for tourist operator activities (tour operator activities)

In accordance with the standard of the state service "Licensing, renewal, issue of duplicates of the license for tourist operator activities (tour operator activities)" approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 5, 2014 № 192  Departmentissues the conclusion to obtain a license to engage in the activities of tour. Acceptance of applications for the provision of public services is carried out:

through the Republican State Enterprise on the right of business "Service Center of population" Committee for the Control of automation of state services and coordination of services to the population centers of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - CHS);

through the web portal "electronic government»  and web portal "E-licensing»

Duration of the public service:

1) since the package delivery of documents in CHS and when accessing the portal:

licensing - fifteen (15) working days.

Regular meetings are held with tour operators of the Almaty city on legal issues, the provision of advice to the tourism organizations.

Head of Department meets with representatives of public and non-governmental organizations. Along with other issues considered and anti-corruption issues.

On an ongoing basis in the team is working on anti-corruption.

Office staff are not prosecuted for committing corruption-related crimes.

1424 - Call-center of  Anticorruption service (a free call). 

1494 - unified contact center (a free call).

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